Pakistan's Mountaineers

This is the initial list of mountaineers, altitude climbers and high altitude porters (most of them are unsung heroes) of Pakistan. I am really thankful to Mr. Eberhard Jurgalski for sharing the list of mountaineers making it to the top of 8000er peaks. His database can be accessed at I would like to post a brief profiles of these mountaineers on this website. Support in furnishing further mountaineering personnel details would be highly appreciated.

Prof. Rahat Ali
Manzoor Hussain
Momin Hamid
Muhammad Hussain
Muhammad Ali
Mehrban Karim
Muhammad Sher Khan
Mirza Mohammad Atta-ul-haq
Muhammad Ullah
Aziz Baig
Rozi Ali
Qudrat Ali
Amirrudin Shah
Sarwar Ali
Raza Ali
Hassan Jan
Qurban Muhammad
Amin Ullah
Ghulam Mehdi
Sultan Ullah Baig
Ghulam Hassan
Fayyaz Hussain
Abdul 'Little' Karim
Zahid Mahmood
Jawad Ahmad Pirzada
Mohammad Fakhar ul Haq
Abdul Jabbar Bhatti
Mohammad Yousaf
Mohammad Ali II
Nabi Raza
Mohammad Ali III
Hashil Shah
Subz Ali
Wahab Ali Shah
Sajjad Ullah Baig
Shakoor Ali
Ghulam Hussain
Farzan Khan
Ali Musa
Rehmat Ullah Quraishi
Ezat Ullah Baig
Muhammad Ibrahim
Qurban Mohammad
Saeed Ahmad
Jahan Baig
Ali Muhammad Jungjupa
Sarwar Khan
Ghulam Rasool
Nazir Ahmad
Asghar Hussain
Fida Hussain
Muhammad Sadiq Sadpara
Muhammad Iqbal
Iqbal Parwana
Kazim Ali Sher Sadpara
Farhad Baig
Jabbar Bhatti
Saad Mohamed (Profile at YM)
Navid Iqbal
Zahid Rajpoot
Mirza Ali
Samina Baig
Karim Hayat
Safdar Karim
Naseer Ud-Din
Ali Durrani
Rahmat Ullah Baig
Ghulam Mehdi

1960 Masherbrum Expedition
Image: AAJ 1961
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