K2 Summit Push: Change in Weather Forecast, Climbers in C3

K2 weather window is closing and it is likely to foil the over-optimistic summit attempt. The clients made it to C3 (7300m) today, nonetheless, while rope-fixing Sherpa were on the way to C4 at the time of last updates from mountain. Lastly, climbers who are not part of ongoing summit-push, conclude their acclimatization plans.

Climbers in C3
K2 United Expedition, Adventure Peaks, Kobler Partner and Madison Mountaineering climbers went up from C2 (6700m) this morning and are currently in C3 (7300m). Seven Summit Treks team and other summit push climbers must also be in C3 by now. “[W]e are almost dead of exhaustion … you have to climb in snow and rock, you have to climb vertical rocks in vertical ice, rock and more rock and a lot of vertical.” Yuri and Laura commented about today’s ascent.

As expected, the fixed lines through Black Pyramid remained chocked throughout the day. Yuri and Laura say, they had to wait for two and half hours in queue.

Rope-fixing gets complicated when the task is shared by multiple teams and there is a bit of disagreement between some expeditions. Kari Kobler says that Adventure Peaks Sherpa ‘wriggled out of work’ yesterday, when Kobler-Partner, Madison Mountaineering and K2 United teams fixed ropes to C3 and they didn’t take part in fixing job to C4 today.

Weather Forecast
Nevertheless, a change in weather forecast for July 14th is the most worrying point for summit push group as of now. While initial predictions showed a recession, the latest forecast estimates winds upto 40km/hr on planned summit day. They will study tomorrow weather’s report and decide whether to go up or retreat to BC.

The patient teams – like Polish Winter Himalaism, Canadian Expedition, Mexican, Hungarian and Spanish climbers – were also on the mountain for acclimatization. While some of them tagged 7000m today and retreated to BC, others will descend in a day or two. They will rest in BC and wait for next weather window to launch summit push.


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