Summer 2014 | K2 - Day 1 of Summit Push - Update # 9

Thanks to Daniele Nardi at K2 C4 documenting the Pakistani-Italian expedition, the EvK2CNR team at BC monitoring the progress and correspondents in Italy connected directly with K2 BC, we shall be receiving regular updates on summit push, directly from the mountain. This post will be updated, as information reaches us.

Update 01 (26-July-14 04:30 hrs Pakistan Time)

The summit push began at 20:00 hrs last night. Four Pakistani climbers Hassan Jan, Ali Durani, Rahmat Ullah and Ghulam Mehdi - all climbing without supplemental oxygen - went up with 300m of rope to fix the difficult and dangerous sections of the route to the top i.e. bottleneck and the traverse. They were joined by three Sherpa climbing with bottled oxygen.

At around 01:00 hrs, they could be seen at the bottom of bottleneck, says Stefania Mondini of EvK2Cnr team at K2 Base Camp. The last communication with Daniele Nardi took place at 00:50 hrs local time. Several climbers had left the C4, by then.

- At 22:00 hrs, the other three members of Pakistani team (Muhammad Sadiq, Ali and Muhammad Hassan) went up.
- Italian climbers Giuseppe Pompili and Simone Origone left C4 at around 11:30PM. Giuseppe Pompili is accompanied by Pakistani HAP Amin Baig.
- Finally, at 00:30 hrs Michele Cucchi, Tamara Lunger and Klaus Gruber started the summit bid. By this time, several other climbers had also left the camp.

Daniele Nardi's next call to BC is expected at 05:00hrs. We shall update the information, as details of communication arrive.

Update 02 (26-July-14 09:45 hrs Pakistan Time)

From the communication of this morning, it appears that summit push is going well. " ... normally from there it takes 2 or 2.5 hours to reach the top. The nice thing is that our Pakistanis are in the front, particularly Ali Durrani, who is a boy of 24 years. He is going ahead with 3 Sherpas: he climbs without oxygen, Sherpas with oxygen," commented Agostino Da Polenza from Base Camp.

However, two members from the expedition, Pakistani Hassan and Italian Simone, returned to C4 because of headache. All others are going well.

Update 03 (26-July-14 10:45 hrs Pakistan Time)

"Radek Jaros and Travnicek Jan are 300 vertical meters below summit," says the home-team of Czech climbers. Third member of the team, Petr Masek, is in C4.

Update 04 (26-July-14 12:30 hrs Pakistan Time)

From Mingma Sherpa, the head of Seven Summit Treks agency: Very good news; Seven Summit Treks K2 team is at 8450m. Within 50 minutes they (are expected to) reach the summit. Our team is of 19 persons; Another 8 will attempt tonight.

Update 05 (26-July-14 12:40 hrs Pakistan Time)

Just in from K2 BC, "The Sherpas, who are in touch with their Nepalese cook, have told that the group is 100 meters from the summit."

Update 06 (26-July-14 14:50 hrs Pakistan Time)

Multiple SUMMITs on K2!

As per initial reports from K2 Base Camp, six members of Pakistani expedition reached the top without supplemental oxygen. Names of the climbers: Hassan Jan, Ali Durani, Rahmat Ullah Baig, Ghulam Mehdi, Ali and Muhammad Sadiq.

Moreover, members of Italian Expedition, Tamara Lunger and Klaus Gruber, have also summited. It's reported that multiple Sherpas were on the top, as well.

Further details and more possible summits will be added as updates arrive from the mountain.

Update 07 (26-July-14 15:40 hrs Pakistan Time)

"Most excited moment of the journey the successful summit at 3:35 pm," wrote the Nepalese Female Expedition team.

Update 08 (26-July-14 15:55 hrs Pakistan Time)

British adventurer Adrian Hayes summited K2 at 1520 hrs local time.

Update 09 (26-July-14 16:40 hrs Pakistan Time)

Czech climb Radek Jaros also summited at 16:04 hrs local time. With this he completed the 14x8000ers, becoming the first Czech mountaineer to do so.

Access full list of summits today, here: Summer 2014 | K2 Summits on July 26th

The upper sections of K2; Source

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