Lhotse South Face: 8400m! Climbers Ready for Summit Push

Bad weather on Lhotse South Face was followed by warmer temperatures; a bit too warm to appreciate. The increase in temperature resulted in excessive rockfall and avalanches. Two Sherpa were hurt during the climb to C4 and one of them had been evacuated from BC to Kathmandu. “There were frequent avalanche and falling stones to hurt some Sherpa and climbing members. It was a snow river, not snow shower.” A member of the expedition Byun wrote to our Korean friend Kyu Dam Lee.

By October 18th, the team had established C4 at 8250m. However, expedition leader Mr Hong asked the Sherpa team to return to BC along with injured fellows. Sung Taek Hong and Jorge Egochega continued the ascent and reached 8400m. They were struck by another avalanche that night at 8400m and decided to retreat. The two climbers returned to Base Camp, yesterday (Oct 22nd). “We have lost almost all of the equipment and camps we installed on Mt. Lhotse,” they conclude. Nonetheless, the team’s spirits are high and they are eager to reach the summit.

Climbers now rests in Base Camp and are planning to launch the summit push from Base Camp on October 28th. If everything goes as per plan, they should reach the top on November 1st.

Source: Lhotse South Face Expedition

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